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Hello sweeties! So, today, i've tried something new. Created a new psd and did some icons with Kristina Bazan. She's so amazing, pretty, smart and fabulous! So, i hope that you will like them. And by the way, i'm thinking about creating a new livejournal, with new graphics, what are you thinking, should i? :*
with lots of love, raavr/schogetten

she acts like summer and walks like rain

so, hey guys, today i decided to upload my old icons (130x180), sorry, i was really lazy to do that earlier, but it's SUMMER, right? apologizes for y'all, love ya :***
and the icons are with:
mila kunis (1-12); colton haynes (13-24); francisko lachowski (25-36); megan fox (37-49); others w/nina dobrev, ian somerhalder, barbara palvin, jessica stam, paul wesley (50-75).

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i can fly, but i want his wings

Well, i made new icons today, finished them a few minutes ago. So, and they're from the vampire diaries, season 1, episode 2 "the night of the comet". Waiting for comments&likes!
- with love, raavr


Hi sweeties! Today i made icons with:
Amber Heard [1-4], Nina Dobrev (some w/Ian Somerhalder) [5-13], Olivia Wilde [14-18], Xavier Samuel [19-25], Barbara Palvin [26-36], Cam Gigandet (one w/Christina Aguilera) [37-42], Claire Holt (some w/Paul Wesley) [43-47], Shenae Grimes [48-50], Deborah Ann Woll [51-54].
Waiting for comments!
CREDIT - raavr

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Hi cupcakes! Today, i'm with new icons, which they are with:
Jessica Stam, Candice Accola, Amber Heard, Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhader, Blake Lively.
Hope you'll like them. Waiting for you comments!
CREDIT - raavr

♥ give me everything tonight.

Hello sweeties! Yup, that's right, i made some new gifs! I think, that this post is pretty cool,
because it's full of great actors and actresses. Just like:
Nina Dobrev (she's wonderful. adore her ♥), Ian Somerhalder (sex god. love him, especially delena ♥♥♥ ), Kaya Scoledario (adorable♥), Minka Kelly (adorable women♥), Kate-Mary Olesen (for queeninpink♥♥♥), Rihanna (love her with red hair). So, and here they are:

with a lot of love, raavr.
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♥ pretty, dirty, rich.

 Wazzup, darlings? Hell yeah, i'm back, and as it saying "much more than alive". Today, in Gargždai the weather is beautiful, sun is shining and there's no rain. It's warm. I like it. Okay, i think, that i won't talk a lot of about the weather, and just show you, my new graphics, okay? Oh, i almost forgot something. For my new layout i'm thanking to enamors.
So now, about the graphics. I've made some moving icons and gifs. My jobs, today are just with one person. The one and only, Nina Dobrev, when she's playing Katherine Pierce or Katerina Petrova on the show, The Vampire Diaries. I love her in this role, beacause she is sexy, strong, tempting women.
So, you can see my graphics, and please, don't forget to comment! + it would be very nice, if you will credit me, as raavr.

with a lot of love, raavr.
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♥ ladies choice.

Well, hello, cupcakes :* today, i'm here to show you my new gifs and few icons. i have done them today, cuz i've got inspired. i hope, that you will enjoy them, cuz they are different than older ones. Actually, i made gifs just with two women from supernatural ♥. And they are: Katie Cassidy (love her ♥) and Lauren Cohan w/Jensen Ackles (made, cuz didn't find a lot of grafics of her). And the icons will be with: Lauren Cohan (2), Chuck and Blair (1) (adore them♥), Ian Somerhalder&Nina Dobrev
(5)(haaah, they're so cute together), Chase Crawford (1)(love him in "twelve"), Candice Accola&Zac Roeig (1)(sweet ones ♥) and two icons with theme "others". waiting for comments!

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